What We Do

Pre-Election Long-Term Observation

Elections are not an event but a processes with different critical stages linked together. To this end, CCMG observes key processes prior to election day to enhance the credibility, transparency and accountability of electoral process. In the pre-election period, CCMG observes voter registration, national registration, civic and voter education, nomination of candidates and campaigns. During this period, CCMG deploys trained, accredited, non-partisan Long-Term Observers (LTOs) to observe compliance and adherence to the electoral laws, preparations by the electoral commission, electoral violence, including issues of violence against women in elections, and citizen participation. CCMG uses information communication technology (ICT) to systematically gather, analyze data collected and disseminate information on the process to stakeholders and the public, including recommendations. 

Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT)

In order to systematically assess the quality of voting and counting processes on election day, CCMG conducts parallel vote tabulations (PVT). A PVT is a proven methodology that allows non-partisan citizen observers to accurately and independently verify the official presidential results. PVTs can increase public confidence in well run elections and reduce the potential for politcally-motivated violence. Where PVTs expose fraud or shortcomings in election day processes, they can provide an objective basis for making improvements and seeking peaceful redress for complaints. PVTs use direct observations by trained, accredited, nonpartisan observers to a statistically representative random sample of polling stations nationwide and CCMG uses ICT to rapidly receive and analyse data from its observers. This allows CCMG to gather information about election day processes in near real-time and provide information to stakeholders. CCMG conducted PVTs in 2015 and 2016 to verify the official results of the presidential election and provide detailed information on the conduct of election day processes. CCMG’s statements from 2015 and 2016 are available here.

Civic and Voter Education (CVE)

CVE is an important aspect in shaping society’s opinion as well as decision making. Given the limited CVE offered in schools in Zambia, CCMG has identified a need for extensive, targeted and coordinated CVE to address the challenge of low citizen participation especially in political and electoral processes. To address this gap, CCMG conducts civic and voter education targeting youths, women and persons with disabilities through community mobilization and engagements