CCMG Statement on the ECZ Accreditation Guideline for the 2021 General Election
CCMG Pre-Election Environment Observations
CCMG Statement on Pre-Election Observation Second Phase: 29 March to 25 April 2021
CCMG Statement on the Physical Inspection of the Provisional Voter Register
CCMG Statement on First Phase of Long-Term ObservationPre-Election Period: 8-28 March 2021
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Stay up to date with the latest statements and reports by CCMG on the electoral process towards the 2021 General Elections

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Our Mission

CCMG is a consortium of Faith Based Organisations, committed to Christian values of human dignity, participation and solidarity; engaged in the transformation of the Zambian society; through the empowerment of communities, advocacy for justice and promotion of integrity in governance.

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